The Corner – Milford, CT

Never heard of The Corner in Milford? You’ve need to get this in your belly!

Last winter, my girlfriend, a former resident of the Fort Trumbull area of Milford, were trying the different diners and breakfast joints and came upon The Corner, in downtown Milford, CT (the sign says “Breakfast at the Corner” – it’s next to H. Mangels Chocolates, 107 River Street, Google says), across for the Town Hall and Post Office just off the center. It looks like a standard New England coffee shop, omelets, home fries, etc. Well, were we surprised!

Beside standard coffeeshop fare, there is a regular specials menu on which you will find one of the best.

It’s called the South Indian Pulled Duck Wrap, and it consists of spiced, shredded duck wrapped with scrambled eggs. The wrap is then wrapped in bacon and fried. You will feel your first bite throughout your whole body.

Other favorites of mine include the Crab Cakes on English Muffins, they’re topped with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise, Crispy Goat Cheese Benedict, and the African Lentil Hash.


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